Significance of Child Victims Act

Child victims act seeks to protect the children from sexual abuse. Children are the most innocent members of the society and yet you cannot comprehend what happens to some of them when they are sexually abused. Some may not even know it is wrong until they get a little bit older and learn about it. Boys are also sexually abused and we should not assume that this happens to only a specific gender. It is our duty to be able to protect them and therefore this act is able to take on their cases even when it has been years and they are older.  Here is what you need to know about the NY child victims act.

This act educates the children on how to prevent bullying, sexual advances that may be made to them and in case they are abused, how to handle the matter. Some of them might be threatened by the culprit so that they do not report them and they are assured that they will be protected. Bringing such an initiative in schools helps create awareness of what they may be facing or even their friends and it helps them have a voice. They may also be able to help their friends if they are sexually abused and do not know how to go about it.   Visit this website to know about the child victims act.

Secondly, it ensures that all the cases are heard even if it has been ages. Many victims might not have the knowledge at the time of abuse or their cases might be taken by people who do not really care about the welfare of the child. The act ensures that the cases can be heard even if it is a decade later. It ensures that the perpetrators face the law and if found guilty they serve their jail term. Not finding justice for your case can lead to one being affected majorly for they get to relive the moment and seeing the culprit out is just adding salt to an injury.

Lastly, it also educates the parents and guardians on the danger signs and therefore they can be able to know if their child has been abused. They also get to know the right procedures to undertake so as to be able to get justice for their young ones. Most importantly, they are able to initiate such conversations that make them create a safe space between them and the kids, this is in such a way that the kids can be able to talk to them in case they have a problem. This act has been of great help to sexually abused victims.  Find out about child abuse by clicking here: